"All right stop! Collaborate and listen..."

Those famous opening words from Vanilla Ice’s chart topping rap “Ice Ice Baby” could not ring truer now, especially at a time when we are constantly on the go, in back-to-back meetings, quickly checking and responding to comm...

I was recently asked what I thought about an article by self-titled ‘product development nut’ John Cutler -  “Why Isn't Agile Working?

Since I already had an article in the works around some of the related challenges – this was my take:

The author provides some inter...

If you're a leader managing at least one or more persons, do you ask, or do you tell?

Wondering what I'm on about?

Often, individuals or groups of managers will perceive a problem (issue, concern etc. - call it what you want) and settle into "solutioning" said probl...

When Coaching/Facilitating/Leading/Managing (I don't like this last term!) teams - one thing becomes apparent, essential and required.

As a Team Leader, the need to feel empowered and be able to take action in a way that you know you'll get all the support needed in o...

Ever come into work just not “feeling it” that day?


Always expected to be perky and on top of your game?


Of course you are! That’s what you were hired for (and get paid for).


As a professional, who is replaceable, valued by a monetary amount you could be at your worst...

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